Regional development agencies realize various innovative projects that increase the competitiveness of their regions, accelerate social and economic development and contribute to the employment generation in order to ensure the transition of regions into production systems with more added value.  With these projects, it is aimed at assessing the potentials of regions, accelerating the development process and maximizing the contribution of each region to the 2023 vision of Turkey.

Regional development agencies carry out various projects to support innovation, research and development as well as commercialization of products. Basically these agencies develop strategies for innovation, research and development ecosystems and provide technical and financial supports for stakeholders. In this context, they prepare regional innovation strategies that are grounded on local and regional current situation and needs, and guide the development of innovation based economies.

In this framework, under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency, the Regional Innovation Strategy of Ankara is being prepared. With this strategy, it is aimed at identifying the specialization areas of Ankara based on its comparative advantage, ensuring cooperation of stakeholders, benefiting from international funds and focusing technical and financial supports of public institutions into this arena. Information and communication technology, medical devices, defence industry, work and construction machinery and food and agricultural industry sectors are the primary sectors in Ankara that are focused during the preparation of the regional innovation strategy.

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