Ankara Kalkınma Ajansı

Ankara Development Agency

Ankara Development Agency (ADA) was established under the coordination of Ministry of Science and Technology as non-profit government organizations. ADA has a dynamic structure with fast and flexible decision making. ADA also gathers and collaborates with public and private sector, non-governmental organizations of the region, local and national administrations.

Investment Support Office

Investment Support Office (ISO) is one of the units of Ankara Development Agency. ISO, the first point of contact for business related need in Ankara, provides local guidance and information as well as facilitation at every stage of your investment.

ISO team consists of a unit coordinator and four experts who are experienced in investment support and consultancy, public incentives, entrepreneurship, innovation, research and development, employment, growth, and regional development.


We work closely with many local establishments such as Governorship of Ankara, Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Ankara Chamber of Industry, universities, governmental organizations (GO’s), non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), industrial clusters, organized industrial zones (OIZ’s), technoparks (science parks), international organizations and many other stakeholders.

We also work in close coordination with national organizations and with all other 25 development agencies and their investment support offices. Therefore Investment Support Office has a very large and powerful network.

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