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Ankara Regional Innovation Strategy  Intersectoral Cooperation Workshop

Ankara Regional Innovation Strategy  Intersectoral Cooperation Workshop  took place at OSTİM. A team work was realized by participants from public and private institutions and NGOs  in order to reveal a new product / technology and cooperation between sectors (defense and aerospace, pharmaceutical and medical devices, business and construction machinery, informatics and agriculture-food)  in the following themes. The possible partnership methods, structures, legislation and human resources infrastructure for intersectoral cooperation were drafted.

Intersectoral Collaboration Work Themes

Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Sector

THEME 1: Artificial organs

THEME 2: Remote diagnosis treatment systems

Construction Machinery Industry

THEME 3: Robotic machines

THEME 4: Intelligent construction sites

THEME 5: Critical parts production

Food and Agriculture Sector

TEMA 6: Food technologies

THEME 7: Intelligent agriculture (pre-harvest innovative solutions: sensors, camera systems, etc.)

TEMA 8: Use of medicinal plants in pharmaceutical industry

Innovation Ecosystem

THEME 9: Clusters for the development of common technologies (VR, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.)

THEME 10: R & D, applied research and commercialization