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Ankara Regional Innovation Strategy is Published

Ankara Regional Innovation Strategy has been published within the framework of the mission to be a pioneer in the development and implementation of development strategies that will turn Ankara into a global capital, economically, culturally and politically.

The framework for the study was created taking into account the steps in the Guide to Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specializations RIS 3, published by the European Commission in 2012.

While preparing the Regional Innovation Strategy, our main objectives are; Identification of Ankara’s national / global competitive advantage, strengthening its competitiveness with innovative practices and technologies based on knowledge and R&D. The study was carried out on the basis of the five prominent sectors of Ankara, defense, IT, business and construction machinery, pharmaceutical and medical devices, and agriculture and food sectors. In the final document, which we created by working intensely with our stakeholders throughout the entire process, we determined sectoral strategies and actions for Ankara.

Our agency is committed to developing cooperation among the public sector, private sector, local governments, universities and NGOs to mobilize local potential. In this sense, the ideas, suggestions and critical approaches of our stakeholders have been a guide for us in all stages of the Regional Innovation Strategy. Indeed, the European Commission’s smart specialization guide (RIS3) emphasizes that the importance of the participation of stakeholders and that such a strategy document that will be the compass of local development can only be created and implemented with the active participation of all stakehold.

Since the beginning of the work as the Ankara Development Agency we give importance to the participation of our stakeholders  both through the advisory board, technical board, focus group meetings, in-depth interviews with companies, as well as through surveys applied to industry representatives. While preparing our strategy document, we acted with our stakeholders with a futuristic perspective by considering the Ankara of 2030, 2050, the needs of that day and the solutions that could be answered. We know that a successful regional innovation strategy will be possible only if all stakeholders feel common responsibility and effectively implement the determined strategies, goals and actions. In this context, we hope that our strategy document will accelerate the synergy among our stakeholders in the development works of our region.


The document can be reached from the link

Ankara Regional Innovation Strategy