Objectives of the Ankara Regional Innovation Strategy

Discovery Process of Entrepreneurship

One of the important process during the preparation of the Ankara region smart specialization strategies is the Discovery Process of Entrepreneurship which results with the identification of the potential entrepreneurship areas and definition of new activity areas based on innovation and technology by the cooperation of all the actors in the region (public institutions, firms, labs, universities, NGOs)

  • Analysis of the current situation and identification of key sectors taking into consideration of Ankara’s potetials and fragilities by using a participatory approach of all stakeholders (public, private sector, university and NGOs) with a innovation point of view
  • Determination and prioritization of region’s key activities, areas or technological domains that provide a competitive advantage in the global context
  • Strengthening of the competitiveness structure in these areas based on R&D focused innovative practices and technologies
  • Enabling design of the support mechanisms by the fund provider organizations in order to support these areas
  • Conributing to the Ankara’s prioritized areas to benefit  more from the international funds
  • Guiding investments in the region for the local and international inverstors
  • Preparation of the input for the plan and programmes that will be prepared related to the region
  • Utilization from the opportunities that are provided by international network and platforms

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